Meet Mia Hocking


The success of my work depends upon partnering.  That’s why the name of my organization is Lee Cuesta Enterprises and Associates.

So I would like to introduce my newest associate, who is partnering with me on the 32-page, children’s picture book entitled Seven Viking Days. Mia Hocking is the illustrator, and I am the author.  Mia Hocking is a resourceful, creative, and enthusiastic professional Oregon artist with teaching experience.  While developing a passion for mixed media (recycled) visual art, she studied at the Pacific NW College of Art in Portland, Oregon, after graduating from Hilhi with honors in visual arts. Her current work represents core life philosophies of critical thinking, environmental consciousness, personal journeys and appreciation of personal expressions. She has exhibited her work at the Sequoia Gallery in Hillsboro, Oregon.  Other samples of her creativity may soon be viewed at her website:
Partnering with me, Seven Viking Days is an achievement in expressing her abstract style with a specific vision and purpose. Look closely for the found objects and recycled materials as you read through this expressive folktale.

Mia is a long-time Hillsboro resident and has been painting since her high school years.  She also has a BS degree in Business.  Mia states, “I am focusing on teaching classes in the techniques that I use as well as fundamental art workshops.”  Look for future classes at the Sequoia Gallery.  Sequoia Gallery + Studios is located at 136 SE 3rd Avenue, Hillsboro, OR 97123.

Mia’s paintings could be categorized as abstract collage with her use of papers, inks, pencil, found objects and many other non-traditional ‘painting’ materials.  Her current work is inspired by objects and materials of a rather unglamorous existence and re-gifting it a new life as a significant element in the story behind the artwork.  You may find her joyfully scavenging for materials in the most unlikely places such as sidewalks and trash bins.  Most of these materials are often found after they have been discarded from their original purpose.  Mia’s Sequoia Gallery show offered pieces in a wide variety of sizes.

In addition, she and I soon will collaborate on the video presentation of my newest book.   Seven Viking Days is a children’s picture book, in the traditional 32-page format.  So in the video, we will read it, like Mister Rogers or LeVar Burton, while Mia’s illustrations also are displayed.   This video version of my book will appear even before the printed, book version from a major publisher.  So look for it, coming soon on my YouTube channel!  You’ll want to watch it with your grandchildren … or young children. Reading the book encourages participation – as you’ll see. I guarantee they’ll be so captivated that you can even play it for them, and they’ll want to watch it by themselves!

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