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I have been busy building my brand at my companion website,, which is dedicated to helping Baby Boomers – like me – maximize the second half of our lives.  I posted an article there by Kathy Rasmusen, based upon her experiences during a recent cruise with her 78-year-old mother.  Kathy provides important information to remember while traveling with a parent, or parents.  Her article, entitled “Cruising With Your Parent,” focuses on the adult-child’s role, presenting ten invaluable tips that Baby Boomers need to know.

Today if you enter the search criteria, “cruising parent Baby Boomers,” in a Google search, this article occupies the first two positions in the results – out of 980,000.  Now that’s brand-building.

So this month, I invite you to visit my other website, Lee Cuesta Live, and check out my blog, along with Kathy’s article.  Permission is granted for this article to be printed and given to friends.  In addition, this article may be either reprinted or adapted, as long as the website is acknowledged as the source.

If you want to reach the affluent Baby Boomers, then don’t talk to them about retirement, but re-invention.  Their lifestyle will achieve a balance between meaningful work that provides a mission and purpose, along with times of relative disengagement to enjoy travel, family, discovery, and adventure.  Smith and Clurman write in their book, Generation Ageless, that the majority of Baby Boomers “will cycle themselves in and out of the workforce with work that is full-time when they’re doing it but that they do only part of the time.”

            Lee Cuesta

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