$296 is only .4% of $70,000

That’s right; the headline says “.4%”  That’s “point four percent.”  Less than half percent.  This is very significant because I wrote the appeal letter that I have posted on this website for a real nonprofit organization.  The president of the organization said he liked it very much.  But he refused it when I told him I would charge $296.  He said this represented too high an hourly rate.  However, what he failed to consider was the miniscule amount my fee represented in relation to the total amount this letter would draw.  A low estimate would be $70,000 for the amount of contributions my letter would draw.  For this letter, my fee of $296 is only “point four percent” of that amount, which makes it a very reasonable fee.  Do you think that president regrets settling for a lesser-quality letter?

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